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A Day at the Dunes:
Available on VHS or VideoCD: Mouken Film Collection #1
Running time: 2 minutes 44 seconds
Filmed: October 27, 2001
Location: Little Sahara, UT
First published: October 29, 2001 on my ISP website
Also published:
Introduction: Friends spend a day playing at the sand dunes.
Director's Commentary
Cast & Crew:
      Director: Antone Roundy
   Brenda Mortensen - paper airplanes
   Nicci Janecek - paper airplanes
   Shaun Roundy - motorcycle rider
   Antone Roundy - cartwheels
   Brenda Mortensen
   Antone Roundy
Music: composed and recorded by Antone Roundy
Editor: Antone Roundy
Master of Motorcycle: Mike Shipley

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