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A Day at the Dunes - Director's Commentary:
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When we shot the footage for this film, I didn't expect to make a movie out of it, but the next day while I was editing it to show to the people who'd been there and friends, it occurred to me that it could be fairly entertaining. Especially considering that I wasn't filming with a movie in mind, I'm very pleased with the footage we got. I imagine if I'd been planning on making a film, we would have ended up with more footage and a longer film, but I'm not sure how much better it would have been. It probably would have ended up more action oriented, instead of having the light-hearted tone we ended up with.

Originally, I had thought to try something unusual with the music by using Erik Satie's "Gymnopedie No. 1", changing from piano to more raucous sounding instruments for the wilder action, and adding some extra melodies to help with the tone. It didn't take long to realize that it would at best be a difficult challenge to modify a piece of music so tranquil and mysterious and give it the right tone for the subject matter, so I then decided to write the music myself. No sooner had I begun considering a melody than the first part of the music as it now appears popped into my head. I hadn't even been considering giving the film such a carnival-like tone until the music came into mind, but immediately it seemed the right approach to take.

A few notes on doing cartwheels down sand dunes:

First, it's easy. All of my wipe outs were intentional (though not entirely controlled).

Second, it's better on your wrists if you keep your hands in fists. I discovered that half way through my last time down. If you forget this tip, don't worry, it's not so bad with open hands either.

Third, if you take a camera, be very careful to keep sand out of it. And be prepared to clean the sand out of it, because no matter how careful you are, some is guaranteed to get in.

Finally, it's fun! Try it!

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